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Part II. Alexis Bloomer discusses her famous cowboy!

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You are an Ambassador for several well-known brands other then clothing. What was it about U of A that appealed to you the most?

I started wearing Union of Angels before I was even an ambassador because I loved the classic and sexy flare the clothing possessed. When you wear a U of A piece, you're not only comfortable, but you're also confident. It is really hard to find clothes that are sexy without being trashy and Cindy managed to make class look sexy. U of A fits in any setting and pushes you to be a confident woman.

Your boyfriend is a famous Bull Rider. Do you help him dress ?

Sage does not care about fashion as much as I do, but what guy does? One thing that I admire about him is that he loves getting dressed up. During the finals, I would tell him what color to wear and then we would usually coordinate. Other than that, he tends to just ask my opinion every now and then.

What do you find sexy on a man?

I love a guy in a well tailored jacket. When a man takes the time to have his jacket altered to fit his body, it shows effort which is extremely attractive. Anytime a man wears something that makes him feel confident, it is sexy.

What is your favorite outfit of your boyfriends?

When it comes to SK, I love the black Wrangler's. Partly because I know it means he is focused because that is what he rides in, but I also like it because it is almost his statement piece. At the back number party he wore all black, from his jacket to his jeans and I loved it. Black is so sleek and it compliments him very well.

Preppy, professional, rocker or cowboy....which would be your favorite look?

Can I pick two? I like preppy and cowboy, depending on the setting. I grew up looking up to a cowboy and now I date one, but both of them know how to change their look up depending on the environment.

If you could give young girls one piece of fashion advice, what would it be?

Don't try too hard to fit in. I've always been the girl that wears what I like and eventually people around me start to do the same. Just be yourself and do not let the clothes wear you. Class never goes out of style.

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