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What TV Host, Alexis Bloomer has to say about today's fashion. Part I of II.

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TV Host, Alexis Bloomer has made a huge impact with fashion in the Rodeo World.  I had no idea how popular and fashionable the rodeo was until I attended the NFR in Vegas.  You just don't go to the dress for the rodeo!  Here is what she had to say...

What is your "go to" outfit in the the summer?

My "go to's" in the fall and summer are definitely dresses. I tend to wear short dresses with knee high boots in the winter and in the summer I love wearing t-shirt dresses with wedges and tons of jewelry. I believe that accessories can set the outfit a part.

What are your staple pieces?

One thing that remains constant in my style is my shoes, I would definitely say they are my staple pieces. I have over 100 pairs and I love how they can change a look completely. Other than that, I wouldn't be able to survive without my black dress from UofA, I wore it so much this winter and I never got tired of changing up my jewelry with each wardrobe change. My mom always says that every girl should have a "little black dress."

When dressing for an interview what image are you looking to portray to your audience?  Do you feel your clothing is important to your over all image?

When I dress for a professional setting, my demeanor and wardrobe changes completely. On air, you want to look polished and sharp, so I tend to wear several formed fitting dresses that have a three quarter length sleeve. Anytime I am on TV, I want to appear sophisticated and clean. For me, the color I am wearing always sets me apart. I recently had an industry professional tell me that I should always wear bright colors because that is my trademark. Being a blonde, I look better in color. Besides, if you look good, you feel good.

What is your favorite accessory?

Lately, my favorite accessory is my necklaces and belts. I have been wearing so much jewelry and it is fun because you can change it up every day. In the summer, I love wearing my squash blossom.

If you could fill your closet with one designer who would it be (other then U of A :) ?

If I had to pick a designer to take over my closet, other than Cynthia, it would be Double D. I love their pieces and the timelessness of each design. My mom still owns Double D from back in the 90's, that I still wear to this day. I think that there are very few brands that make a lasting impact on a woman, one is her wedding dress, a Ralph Lauren suit, a Double D blazer and now a Union of Angels dress.

 What was your best dresses moment and where?

This past year at Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo, I rushed to a store called Holt in Cesar's Forum Shops and found a dress that fit me perfectly. I felt so confident in the hot pink dress because it was the first dress that I did not have to alter. I wore a fur cheetah jacket with the pink hand painted dress, and in my personal opinion that was my favorite best dressed moment. I wore it for Think Pink night at the rodeo and took my favorite picture of the finals in it.

Name the best dressed celebrity?

If we are talking solely on the basis of fashion, Carrie Underwood takes the cake. She is one of the few celebrities that does not try to overdo it. Her outfits fit her perfectly and she wears the clothes, they do not wear her. Anything that Carrie would wear, I would probably wear as well.

Heels, boots or tennis shoes??  What is your favorite if you could only choose one?

Heels, hands down. Sadly, I think I walk better in heels than flats.

 What is the worst fashion trend you are seeing today?

It honestly breaks my heart to see women layering their entire closet into one outfit. I'm all about standing out and accessorizing, but some people are going overboard. Being petite I cannot wear 20 different layers, so I try to keep my looks simple and sleek. Also, whoever brought back Birkenstock's, why? Just why?

If you could bring back a fashion trend what would it be?

I'm not sure if this is a trend, but I wish we could bring back class. A lot of my fellow women do not know how to walk in heels, they do not take pride in their appearance and they do not know how to dress for work. If we could bring back sophistication, I believe the trends would soon follow. Other than that, I love the fashion of the 70's in regards to suede miniskirts and knee high boots.

Part II... we discus her famous Cowboy and what she likes on men today!

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